MARY lee-washington

 Black Wall Street Business Training Certificate Programs


I am pleased that you are here!  WORKSHOPS is a collaboration between Neighborhood Commerce Institute and your neighborhood to provide Black Wall Street Business Training Certificate Programs. Any interested individual, group, or organization can sponsor/organize WORKSHOPS.  This partnership provides a platform for like-mind efforts to rebuild under-served Black and low-income communities and provide alternatives to marycriminal and destructive behavior.

My passion for creating entrepreneurial opportunities for people who don’t have access to capital or training so that they can pursue their dreams is the driving force behind this endeavor and the creation of Neighborhood Commerce Institute. This passion has only intensified with the societal increase of police involved killings, mass incarceration, decline in quality education and healthcare, and overall unequal economic opportunities for our Black communities.

The movement to buy local is growing and is the key to solving growing poverty problems. The goal of fledgling this collaboration is to provide the unmet training and business management support that form barriers in securing startup funds and forging sustainable businesses. Additionally, it will connect local business owners with local anchor institutions and organizations that regularly give contracts to larger out-of-town firms as we assist entrepreneurs and small businesses in forming partnerships and advocacy solutions. The objective is simply train, develop and connect people who need jobs with those who need their services, keep the money circulating within the local economy, and help overlooked Black entrepreneurs get on their feet.

For the last 25 plus years I have successfully provided like trainings and services in corporate America.  I have contributed a lot and learned a lot. For example, this collaborative can be a vehicle to provide vocational rehabilitation services for participants who are physically or mentally disabled (i.e. ADD, ADHD, Autistic, recovering addictions, veterans, etc.) in the form of fees for certificate training programs that will lead to gainful employment and/or startup services including grants for self-employment. These are federal, state, and local entitlements.

The highlight of the project is the establishment of Community Development Corporations nationwide that will mirror the NCI’s Community Development Corporation support project to advance entrepreneurial-run businesses and emphasize an innovative collaboration of entrepreneurship. All types of entrepreneurs and small businesses are engaged whether they are technology-based, not-for-profit, products, or services. The CDC provides a collaborative, interdisciplinary environment and interaction with mentors and developing entrepreneurs locally and nationwide. Currently, we have affiliate developing businesses in metro Detroit and Southwest Michigan, Charlottesville, Virginia, Raleigh, North Carolina, Indianapolis, Indiana, Atlanta, Georgia, and Nashville, Tennessee, and Oakland, California.

An ongoing collaboration with your neighborhood will provide an easily replicable model for building communities throughout the USA under this collaborative umbrella

Neighbor, thank you for your ideas and interest in my vision. I envision building upon our collaborative successes in the development of this project.READ MORE outlining the program and curriculum offering.

Please feel free to telephone me with any questions at 571.251.5193, and I look forward to meeting with you soon.




Mary L. Washington, President and Founder

Ed.S/PhD (cd); M.Div; BS