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The success of our workshops will be measured by how many participants enroll, graduate, and result in:

New Businesses Developed

New Businesses now Under Development

Existing Businesses Expanded

Full Time Employment Jobs Created

Mentoring Relationships

17-Week Workshops Conducted

Number of Graduates

Networking Community Events

Financing Grants

Other Training



Workshops and boot camps are facilitated by Mary Lee-Washington, colleagues, professors, faculty, adjunct faculty, and business leaders from the local community.


Workshops and boot camps are followed by mentoring and support services provided through the NCI Affiliate Community Development Corporation, and business leaders from the local community.


Workshop and boot camp participants team up in groups of 5 to 8 entrepreneurs who work together and support each other through the process of developing and operating their businesses.


Mary Lee-Washington

Mary Lee-Washington, founder and creator of Neighborhood Commerce Institute will lead many of the workshops. Washington is a philanthropic strategist and has led many organizations in finding and raising upward tens of millions of dollars in grants and funding for building communities and neighborhoods for more than 25 years. She is passionate about bringing these phenomenal methodologies to grass root communities for the building up of Black Lives.

She started her entrepreneurial work at the age of 8 in Detroit, Michigan selling decorative wall plates and chocolates. She continued her services by providing yard work at the young age of 10.  From her early childhood businesses to young adult and adulthood she has providedservices ranging from bookkeeping, tailoring, realtor, teaching, planning and event services to legal work assistance to building communities – her passion for business is unquenched. She became a full-time entrepreneur March 3, 1983 when she walked away from corporate middle management in Silicon Valley, California. She is an ambassador of strategic business planning and development.

Mary Lee-Washington completed her degrees in Bachelors of Science, Masters in Divinity, and dual doctorate candidate work in administration leadership Educational Specialist/Philosophy Doctorate at Andrews University, School of Arts and Sciences, School of Education, and Andrews University Theological Seminary. She completed her Associate Arts degree with a business emphasis at Lake Michigan College, and studied business administration at Western Michigan University. She also studied at San Jose State University, University of San Francisco, and Columbia Broadcasting School.

Mary’s father, McKinley Poole, was her greatest influence in education. He implanted the value of an education early in her life, because Dad never learned to read or write as he was required to work on a southern plantation plowing at the tender age of 6. Mary’s mother, Annie Lee Franklin-Poole, was her greatest influence in business development, as Mom was always determined to not work on anyone’s plantation; and compared any work for others as plantation work. Mary is the paternal matriarch of her family, mother of two adult children, Orlando Avant, Attorney-at-Law in Southfield, Michigan and Cheri’ Avant, Manufacturing Technology Engineer, also in Michigan. She is the grandmother of three children, and great-grandmother of two children.She is an ordained pastor of the Pentecostal Assemblies of World.

Neighborhood Commerce Institute

Neighborhood Commerce Institute is established to aid moderate to low-income individuals in unlocking their imaginative abilities and create their own jobs and businesses; to teach one to become their own problem solver; to build person to person, house to house, neighborhood to neighborhood, business to business, and vision to viagra pas cher vision. It forges innovative partnerships that serve to eliminate barriers which impede the creation of jobs and businesses. NCI is an international operation.


Tuition and Fees

Workshop tuition and fees are scheduled based on time and expenses to conduct. Books and training materials are included in the tuition. Participants should bring their own laptops. Participants may qualify for income-based scholarships and grants in some situations.

To Organize and Schedule WORKSHOPS in your Neighborhood

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To Customize, Organize and Schedule WORKSHOPS in your Neighborhood

WORKSHOPS may be customized based on your Community Needs at the discretion of Neighborhood Commerce Institute. For more information

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