Neighborhood Commerce Institute

A Grass Root Community Economic Development Support Corporation

 PROJECT SYNOPSIS: Utilizing Philanthropy at its Highest

Mission StatementCreating Businesses and Jobs: Family Life and Economic Development

To meet the immediate and long-term financial, physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental needs of moderate to low-income residents of inner-city communities. We will accomplish this by providing safe and quality programming that support family life and development.

Vision Statement – $$$ Dreams Reality

To see moderate to low-income individuals unlock their imaginative abilities and create their own jobs and businesses; to become their own problem solvers person to person, house to house, block to block, neighborhood by neighborhood, business to business, vision to vision.

Objective – To Eliminate Barriers to Financial Success

To organize moderate to low-income disadvantaged citizens community by community for the elimination of barriers encountered which impede their employability opportunities and their rate of success.

Goal – Philanthropic Success

To economically re-build and strengthen families, neighborhoods, communities, cities, counties, states, countries, the world.