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Strategic Planning & DevelopmentServicestoEstablish a Business Specific Territorial Designated Certified Entrepreneurial Educational Course for the Unemployed or Underemployed Based on Federal and State Training Provider Guidelines; and to Establish a System for Assisting Qualifying Disabled Individuals in a Territorial Specific Entrepreneurship Based on Federal and State Self-Employment Assistance Entitlement Guidelines

Mary Lee-Washington


 A Grass Root Community Economic Development Support Corporation


Guidelines for getting started with Neighborhood Commerce Institute Programs as Affiliate Incubator Facilitators

NCI has developed a simple framework to encourage local and national groupings of facilitators to form first in the USA and around the world. The approach is very simple. An Affiliate Incubator Facilitator is a group of NCI partners who choose to get together to pursue the goals of a specific NCI program, as well as NCI’s vision at a local level.  The facilitator’s goals are:


                -Giving credibility to and furthering the work of the field of facilitators and facilitation

                -Providing a network to foster interchange between professional practitioners in the field

                -Developing appropriate opportunities, methodologies, models, tools and modes that support the

                                Practice of exemplary participatory facilitation


Decide What Your Incubator’s Vision Isfor your Hood – $$$


The driving force for NCI setting up Affiliate Incubator Facilitators (AIF) is to respond to the expressed needs of our constituents for more frequent and local opportunities for professional and personal development. Our goal is a network of vibrant local groups who are committed to promoting the benefits of facilitation and contribute to the professionalization of our activities.

Benefits of creating an Affiliate Incubation Facilitation

For NCI Facilitators this means an opportunity to design local programming targeting entitlement funding legislated for local citizens. This also means that fellow facilitators can get together to support each other goals and collaboratively meet their needs in a local context. To synergistically organize moderate to low-income disadvantaged citizens community by community for the elimination of barriers encountered which impede their employability opportunities and their rate of success.

Goal – Philanthropic Success

To economically re-build and strengthen families, neighborhoods, community


Inspired by #Justice for Mike Brown #Ferguson

The police killing of Michael Brown, age 18, on August 9, 2014 in Ferguson, Missouri, USA is unacceptable and the tipping point in my spirit – so much so that I feel as Black African Americans we must turn this Moment into a Movement. I am willing to do my part. As a Philanthropy Strategist, Entrepreneur, and Business Woman I am obligated to Economic Justice; to share and aid individuals and businesses througheconomic building opportunities in our Black communities. Poverty is a demon contributing to the killing of our youth.


Neighborhood Commerce Institute is seeking a national organization to partner with exclusively to offer business development funding and training opportunities to the disabled. Mary Lee has more than 25 years experience in setting up businesses for the disabled utilizing federal entitlement funds exclusively for the disabled. The vision is to expand this service exponentially throughout Black communities nationwide to include Ferguson, Missouri at its onset.

Following the Neighborhood Commerce incubator facilitation plan, an organization will partner with NCI and Dr. Mary Lee as the state or local lead organization. As the lead organization, it will organize management efforts with the coaching of Dr. Mary Lee to provide a seamless service to individuals seeking business startup funding. It will partner with other professionals to provide on-going management services under the direction of NCI and Dr. Mary Lee for a period of three (3) to (5) years. The Facilitator will develop and offer entrepreneurial training as well, set up by NCI and Dr. Mary Lee. The local services will grow as the need grows.

How individuals qualify for self-employment funding: Funds are available for disabled persons, people in recovery programs, people on SSI or off work on sick leave to start their own businesses. Unfortunately, information isn’t freely provided by any of the rehabilitation organizations that service the disabled, which is the reason that I started advocating for interested people years ago.

I have helped a lot of people to start their own businesses (very few Blacks) – but willing to develop a project with anyone who will see it through. Along with President Obama’s “My Brother’s Keeper” Initiative and what is allowed for the disabled – we will target youth who have been labeled ADD and ADHD and turn around their lives. For real effectiveness this is planned on a massive scale targeting blocks and blocks of neighborhoods through newly organized Community Development Corporations and Incubators.

The basic eligibility for funding assistance through the federal and state rehab system to become self-employed or even acquire ajob include minimally the following to qualify and get into theprogram:

1. You must have a physical or mental impairment;
2. The impairment constitutes a substantial impediment to employment (this can refer to your customary work or need for additional training – a very      gray area that we can talk about);
3. You can benefit in terms of an employment outcome;(There are a number of employment outcomes that includeself-employment – which is the area     I coach aspiringentrepreneurs);
4. You must also require voc rehab services in orderto prepare for, enter, engage in, or retain gainfulemployment. .. (There is a lot more to this that           Ihelp with)

So the above are the basic eligibility requirements that aredetermined jointly by the applicant; the medicalprofessional; and the state department. However, ifanyone is off work due to medical leaves, or receiving SSIor other forms of disabilities then the eligibilityassessments are automatic particularly for SSI or disabilityrecipients. For Self-employment the funding varies up to $30,000initially (may be more) and for 2 subsequent years (a little less) inevery state I have worked in and as provided by the federalgovernment.

Unfortunately, the information is not freely provided which is why I work as coach and advocate for applicants.The local Affiliate Facilitator will assume the role of facilitator. Once you are determined eligible then the work begins tofulfill the remaining requirements such as interviews,business plans, etc. etc. etc., which NCI and the AIF SPOIM Services help you through.

This is for new start-ups and small businesses that are notmore than one year old per federal guidelines that arerequired by the states. I really don’t know of any individuals who tackled this alone and were successful. As you know, most times officials want to keep information awayfrom you than help you. My passion is to help as manypeople to access these entitlements as possible. Wereally can establish as awesome program together.

The government requires the applicant to invest 20% of its business budget. This may be in the form of consulting fees, equipment, or in-kind services. Dr. Mary Lee’s organizational and coaching fees throughout the process are $5500 and fulfill the 20% requirement. Your localAIF will receive this $4000 of this fee and NCI federal and state offices $1500. Your $4000 fee will be shared amongst various professionals for coaching, advocating, and business plan development.

NCI understands that many youth and others may not actually have their 20% investment; that is where philanthropists, crowd-funding, My Brother’s Keeper and other programs join as partners for entrepreneurial success.


Lastly, but not least the government also provides for entrepreneurial training programs, which could range up to approximately $7500 per participant.


Next Steps for creating your Affiliate Incubator Facilitation Program:  Contact Dr. Mary Lee at 571.251.5193. She has developed a “turn-key” set up operation for you to get started which includes the following:


Administration Setup, Launching, Implementation, Development, and Oversight Management for one year to Establish an Affiliate Incubator Facilitation Program within a Specific Territorial Designated for Operations, and an Entrepreneurial Educational Course for the Unemployed or Underemployed Based on Federal and State Training Provider Guidelines – Assisting in


  1. Development of Standards of Operations and Staffing to meet federal and state requirements to become licensed work training provider
  2. The Application Completion Process to become a licensed work training provider
  3. Development of Scope of Services as necessary
  4. Development of Curriculums which will cover 18 months which will develop skill sets for successful entrepreneurs
  5. Development of Outreach and Marketing Plan
  6. Development of Open House Plans and Implementation Activities
  7. Overall oversight management of programming as an Neighborhood Commerce Institute Affiliate


Setup Fee is $12,500.00. Yearly affiliation management fee is 20% of gross proceeds.