Neighborhood Commerce Incorporated is an independent community-based international organization located in Washington, DC. It is organized by Mary Lee as a project lead organization which will development 501(c)(3) Change Development Corporations to revolutionize America by planning and organizing grass root endeavors and position neighborhoods for financial change. It brings to grass-root level strategic planning and development skills employed by the rich, famous, the movers and shakers. It aims to enhance services of community development corporations, community collaborations (i.e. faith-based initiatives, small businesses, entrepreneurs, any for-profits or not-for-profits), and governmental programs to reach under-privileged citizens. Services are true grass-root developments organized and implemented by the talented 10th of ordinary people who have been severely affected by the economic crisis. Neighborhood Commerce seeks out the talented 10th to lead their neighborhood change.

THE CAMPAIGN: It Takes a Neighbor to Raise a Village

98% -Ordinary Moderate to Low-Income People Disconnected

Those hit the hardest by the current economic downturn are ordinary people living in moderate to low-income communities throughout America. Detroit, Michigan is a sample of one of those cities. Within the city reside people totally disconnected from the mainstream recovery strategies and stimulus initiatives. Their economic, social, and financial positions bar opportunities for inclusivity. Stimulus initiatives at every governmental level are not reaching 98% of the citizens throughout this country. Thousands upon thousands have lost hope, have lost their homes, jobs, businesses, and in many instances their family in this economic crisis. Ordinary people in Detroit and throughout the USA possess gifts, talents, and skills to earn and become self-sufficient contributing citizens within their scope of acquired abilities or re-training. They need help; help that is systematically derailed.

Innovative Grass-root Recovery by Ordinary People

Neighborhood Commerce efforts are underway throughout Detroit by grass root individuals to create their own jobs and earnings through development of small businesses, entrepreneurship, and neighbors organizing to assist one another in their job searches. In fact, many collaborating partners have been servicing constituents without funding of any sort to do so. Mentoring and human services are currently underway for hundreds and thousands of individuals through entrepreneurships, small businesses, churches and non-profit organizations in Detroit and many other communities nationwide.

Organization and structure are keys to success. The moderate to low-income individuals and families within the inner-city lack organization and structure and are also dealing with other barriers to success. However, they do possess skills and abilities for success with appropriate support in planning, development, and management. Neighborhood Commerce provides assistance in this grass-root recovery by harnessing and organizing the natural skills of ordinary people and turning it into Grass-root Recovery by Ordinary People.

Neighborhood Commerce Incorporated serves as the catalyst to bring into communities strategic planning, organization, development, and management oversight to individuals and entrepreneurial efforts for a period of five (5) years from the start of services. This will enhance job creation through business development and learning opportunities for moderate to low-income individuals and families. Therefore assisting individuals in growing self-sufficient and able to hold jobs and remain viable for at least one (1) to (5) years. Neighborhood Commerce services provides an avenue for removing barriers to success in moderate to low-income communities.

Unique Partnerships

Neighborhood Commerce will is the bridge for solving problems of planning, organization, development, implementation, and management within border-line failing Community Development Centers, Faith-based organizations, and other neighborhood economic development agencies neighborhood by neighborhood. It implements organizing strategies provided by Mary Lee of Washington, D.C. via Neighborhood Commerce Incorporated.

Neighborhood by neighborhood grass-root organizing will happen utilizing skills and strategies inspired by President Obama’s campaign and Organizing for America. Mary Lee has been active in community organizing and business development for over 25 years and brings innovative organizing and management skills beginning in her native State of Michigan and the city of Detroit. She is an Obama, DNC, and Organizing for America Super Volunteer completing OFA’s state of the art Summer Organizer Training in 2009; and serving the Presidential Inaugural Committee for both of President Obama’s inaugurations.

Neighborhood Commerce links individuals, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and other organizations with partners organized to Viagra 100 mg pills meet the needs of its neighbor. It provides the support resources needed for success to bridge the gaps of funding, development, and management strategies neighborhood by neighborhood.

Neighborhood Commerce’s financial approach entails solicitation of funding support from foundations, governments, individuals, and corporate grants on behalf of commerce programs; as well as support from community partners and congress in this grass-root recovery efforts beginning in Detroit, Michigan and spreading throughout the USA.

We are seeking assistance from Michigan Senators and Representatives in asking them to support legislation introduced by President Obama and Vice-President Biden Stimulus Recovery Plan on a continued basis and to link us with potential collaborators and financial partners.

Current Projects

Partners and potential partners of Neighborhood Commerce are engaged or planning housing projects, educational and learning institutions, health care services and outreach, transportation, manufacturing, retail, water projects and food industries in the states of Michigan, California, Virginia, North Carolina, Alabama, Illinois, and Indiana.