We’re here to help you fulfill your business dreams. Neighborhood business by neighborhood business we believe that entrepreneurs in the U.S. can take back and rebuild blighted communities, crime-invested streets, educate our children, and grow healthy minds, bodies, and spirits.

The neighborhood is the largest and most powerful institution in the world. Just think about it. If you only knew your neighbors, their families, their professions and shared one another’s aspirations; you may find that you could actually help the other. Whatever happened to “It takes a Village to Raise a Child” concept? Well, I believe to control our communities, eradicate violence, educate our children, grow health beings, build neighborhood wealth, and guard our destiny “It takes a neighbor to raise a village.” To raise a village out of poverty, crime, blight, and demise. And, it all begins with you! Build your dream! Then you share: with your family, your neighbors, your colleagues, your institutions. Master Mind your community!

Neighborhood Commerce is all about BUSINESS. Browse around. We’re certain you will find something you will like to take home.


Mary Lee-Washington
Ed.S/PhD(cd); M.Div

PROJECT ABSTRACT: Philanthropy at its Highest

Mission Statement – Creating Businesses and Jobs: Family Life and Economic Development To meet the immediate and long-term financial, physical, emotional, ...
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Neighborhood Commerce Incorporated is an independent community-based international organization located in Washington, DC. It is organized by Mary Lee as ...
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It Takes a Neighbor to Raise a Village Organizing Moderate to Low-Income Communities for Economic Recovery and Sustainability Written by: Mary Lee ...
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