Neighborhood Commerce for Change – Mary Lee

Neighborhood Commerce is the brainchild of Mary Lee born out of her innate business desires and ability to serve all people ranging from the impoverished to the very prosperous. She understands the plight of the needy. Mary Lee was very active in the Obama for President Campaign and worked with the Presidential Inaugural Committee. While campaigning in Virginia (her home state), Michigan (her native state), and North Carolina she felt energy of inclusiveness that she had only witnessed during the times of President John F. Kennedy and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in her teenage years. She has attended campaign house meetings, post-election house meetings, and post-inaugural meetings to repeatedly hear: What do we do now? Although the internet is available, few understand Organizing for Change in America, and many more do not use the internet or attend meetings, but want and need to know What do we do now? – as well as understand how to advocate for change.

Understanding the struggle of the under-privileged, minority, under-educated and poor is not difficult for Mary Lee. Her developmental years were clouded with matters of: Brown vs. the Board of Education for desegregation of public schools, the Montgomery Bus Boycott, the Right to Vote, Jim Crow laws, the Campaign for the Poor, gentrification, and lack – while she marveled at the Beatles, Elvis Presley, The Jackson Five, Dianna Ross & the Supremes, Little Stevie Wonder, and Motown. Her personal challenges centered around: trying to understand why her teachers did not like her during the first decade of the post-desegregated schools era; why, as an honors’ student, wasn’t she going to college after high school – though her teachers and counselors all knew she wanted to go; why couldn’t she take math and science classes to her liking?

Mary Lee was able to answer all of her “whys” as a young single parent struggling to raise two children, and work full-time while attending college. Not until then did she understand that she was a direct product of Brown vs. the Board of Education during her first year of school. She begun to clearly understood the “whys” in her life.

Mary Lee is the daughter of a father who never learned to read or write because he had worked the southern plantations since age six, and a mother who did not graduate, although she finished the 12th grade in a southern school – for some reason she never understood during her lifetime. Yet, they valued an education and contributed in every way they could to support Mary Lee’s efforts in learning and development. A father of 10 prided himself in providing fully for his family free of government aid and encouraged prospering by the sweat of your own labors.

Mary Lee’s life is the history and driving force behind Neighborhood Commerce. She believes in economic equality for all. She understands that Knowing is Power, and Neighborhood Commerce stands to educate and equip struggling communities throughout the nation to prosper within their own means with the help of The White House Initiatives. It takes one to help one.


LOCATION: National Presence in the District of Columbia

Neighborhood Commerce Incorporated Headquarters is headquartered in the metropolitan Washington, DC area.

Neighborhood Commerce Michigan State Regional office is organizing in Southfield, MI.

Turn-key regional offices will continue to be established throughout the nation as grass-root leaders and groups are identified. The regional centers serve as the links between local communities and headquarters for educating and implementing local change.


 NIC target groups are the working middle-class, poor, minority, underprivileged and under-educated United States citizens. According to many historians, the U.S. is yet endearing to cumulative and mutually-reinforcing inequalities that affect marginalized communities and hinder full democratic (economic) participation. (Ravisankar, Rajeev, The Lantern, 2009, Martin Luther King, Jr. still has a dream 2009 Internet www.thelantern.com).

The writer was left out many years ago just because she was poor, a minority, and parents were under-educated. None of those factors destroyed her desire to reach doctorate level education and become a self-sufficient citizen. There are many many more Mary Lees inthe USA and NCI will reach as many as possible. They only need to KNOW what to do so they are not Left Out No More.


Community sponsored informational and service events throughout the country.