BLACK NEWSLive Alkaline Water, the Black-Owned Water Company Goes Global

Live Alkaline Water products have made it onto Walmart’s shelves. The company that’s partially owned by a woman and is 100 percent Black-owned sells bottled water in three of Walmart’s locations – one in Fruit Cove and two in the Jacksonville, FL Walmart.

Apart from the three Walmart locations and numerous privately-owned businesses in North Florida, the water can also be purchased online.

They source the water from a spring in Dr. Robert McCray’s family in North Carolina. The spring has been there for over a century.

Dr. Robert told First Coast News, “My aunt took me to the spring and told me my ‘ancestors are crying out’ to me, calling on me to be a responsible steward for the water.”

To ensure the water was put to good use, he partnered with Dr. Shayla Creer and the two started a bottled water company. The company is a success and now the bottled water can be found on the shelves of many businesses.

While illuminating on the newly found business and its success, McCray says, “Healthy people make a healthy community. Eat right, drink right, and you begin to think right.”

Many believe that alkaline water has extraordinary health benefits, among them the management of acid reflux disease. That’s why immediately it was brought in stores, the water sold out within a month of being on sale.

Dr. Creer says that the journey to store shelves was a tedious one, but both agreed to push ahead since the excitement after getting a “yes” would be quite rewarding.

“I called… many Walmarts, and finally we got a hold of one who allowed us to do a presentation,” Creer says.

Dr. Robert and Dr. Creer presented their business plan but they never knew the regional manager would be present. The regional manager liked their idea and they were allowed to pack their water on the shelves.

“It was hard to keep our composure because it’s the product that was [our] baby,” said McCray. But they managed to sail through.

Once the bottles were allowed on the store shelves, they started selling very fast and now, clients from as far away as Africa are inquiring if they can get their hands on the water.

Benefits of the alkaline water include minerals, detoxifying properties, antioxidants, electrolytes, and its ability to balance PH levels in the human body.

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