Kingdom of God Heiress

Ed.S/Ph.d(cd); M.Div; BS

Virtuous… Faith… Service… Excellence


Mary Lee’s vision isthe transformation of lives by creating collaborative relationships worldwide:  to enhance the quality of life through excellence in spiritual formation, education and learning, community leadership and economic growth.

Mary Lee is dedicated to serving the Vision of the Kingdom of God in restoring spiritual, physical, and material rights to a diverse community of individuals, through faith-based missions and foundations, through quality socialservices, and the appropriate use of technology for serving thousands and millions worldwide.


  • Promote, celebrate and embrace an abundance of life through the Kingdom of God
  • Aid individuals in the acceptance of  an abundance of life through the Kingdom of God that reflects our inherited rights
  • Improve this world


  • Millions of lives Transformed Spiritually, Physically, Mentally, and Materially!!!
  • Significant Economic Change in Individuals’ Lives and Homes
  • Families Restored
  • Marriages Healed
  • Communities Transformed Physically and Economically

Mary Lee’s development of

Time for a Change: Life Transformation Movement &Network is an equal opportunity/affirmative action …       Step out of the water ….