Hello Neighbor,

Welcome to Neighborhood Commerce Institute International, your neighborhood of entrepreneurs. Very happy you stopped by! Come on in and – feel at home. We are here to help you fulfill your business dreams; as well as learn how you may fit in the transformation of lives worldwide!

Neighborhood business by neighborhood business we believe that entrepreneurs in the U.S. can take back and rebuild blighted communities, crime-infested streets, educate our children, and holistically grow healthy minds, bodies, spirits – all while eradicating poverty once and for all.

The neighborhood is the largest and most powerful institution in the world. Just think about it. If you only knew your neighbors, their families, their professions and shared one another’s aspirations; you may find that you could might be able to help one other.

Whatever happened to “It takes a Village to Raise a Child” concept? Well, we believe to take back our communities, eradicate poverty and crime, educate our children, grow physically and mentally healthy beings, build neighborhood wealth, and guard our destiny “It takes a neighbor to raise a village.” To raise a village out of poverty, crime, blight, and demise. And, it all begins with you THE ENTREPRENEUR! You must build your dream! Then you share: with your family, your neighbors, your colleagues, your institutions – to BUILD THEIR DREAMS. Neighborhood Commerce is a brain child of Dr. Mary Lee to Master Mind your community economically through you and your neighbors!

Neighborhood Commerce is all about BUSINESS, all about ENTREPRENEURS – ALL YAH’S (GOD’S) WAY. Browse around. We’re certain you will find something you will like to take home.

Shalom Blessings,

Mary Lee-Washington

EdS/PhD(cd); M.Div., BS


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